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About the Writer/Director

An award-winning Latino writer/director and producer, Gustavo has a very wide range of scripts both for feature films and Television. He was hired as head writer by Sony Pictures Television International to develop and write an action/thriller, now in development.​

TRANQUILITY FIELDS YouTube Channel creator/ director:

Produced Screenplays

• DESTINS CROISÉS (CROSSED DESTINIES) - 13 min. Dark Comedy/Thriller, Canada, 2012. Writer/ Director/ Producer
The lives of three wannabe gangsters spin out of control when they encounter a mysterious old woman crawling in the street.​

• VOLVERTE A VER (See You Again) – 103 min. Romantic Comedy, Mex, 2008 – Director/Editor.
A successful fashion designer falls in love with a radio host and a beautiful reporter not knowing she’s the same woman.​

Completed Projects

. WE ARE RAMPAGE (drama/ adventure) - Feature Film Screenplay.  

A renegade spirit leads a band of down-and-out misfits to help neglected seniors and terminally-ill patients experience the most wonderful 24 hours in their lives.

. REMEMBER YOU WILL DIE  (sci-fi/ supernatural drama) - Feature Film Screenplay. 

After a nuclear disaster, a newly formed couple inside a fallout shelter struggles to coexist with uncanny supernatural events and one question: what if Nature turned against us?


In the year 2030, a group of Generation Z friends get together to party to receive the New Year, only to find themselves immersed in a haunting, uncanny experience that opens the gates to a new dimension and forces them to question their own reality.


• ECLIPSES  (drama) - Feature Film Screenplay. 

A teen cello prodigy from the Bronx must battle severe Asperger's symptoms and childhood traumas with the help of a vibrant Italian composer to advance in the famous Tchaikovsky Music Competition.Cynosure and CWA Screenplay Competition Quaterfinals.  Top 10% Austin Film Festival. 

• FAITH  (action/thriller), Head Writer, Feature Film Screenplay, TV Bible and Series Loglines.

A TV series for Latin America, “FAITH” follows a man’s dangerous quest to expose sinister organizations in South America.

• THE EXILE  (drama), Feature Film Screenplay. 

In a race against time, a successful NY federal judge with early onset Alzheimer's and dark family secrets sets out to make amends for the damage that he has caused in his past.. before it vanishes. (Finalist, Inroads Fellowship, BARCELONA FILM FESTIVAL, STARZ DENVER FILM FESTIVAL, FINAL DRAFT’s BIG BREAK International Screenwriting Contest and Top 10 % in Austin Film Festival).

• FRACTURE(S)  (drama), original TV pilot. 

A visceral, character-driven drama about how a group of NYC Emergency Service Dispatchers cope with the agonizing life and death situations they face 24/7. 

• GONE POSTAL!  (dramedy) - Original TV pilot and Bible.
When a liberal, thrice-divorced NYU professor of political science testifies against a mob boss, he must abandon his beloved daughter to go into the witness protection program that lands him inside an Alaska dysfunctional Post Office back room.

• BIOSPHERE 3.1  (sci-fi drama) -  Original TV pilot. 

When a rebellious young android assassin is sent inside a holistic rehab ecosystem to kill her last victim, her spiritual awakening sets her in search of an identity, love and the road to freedom.

• PALOMAR  (dark comedy/thriller), Feature Film Screenplay, Screen Adaptation from the Gilbert Hernandez’s LOVE AND ROCKETS Graphic Novel /Comic Book.  

When the hot-blooded, rebellious wife of a ruthless drug lord escapes to a lost Central American village seeking a peaceful new beginning, her life becomes a living hell by the eccentric inhabitants who worship her but also from the assassins sent to wipe everybody out.

• FILE No.6353  (drama), Feature Film Screenplay. Screen Adaptation from award-winning novel “No One Will See Me Cry”, by Cristina Rivera Garza.
A troubled aristocrat moonlighting as a portrait photographer in a mental asylum risks his own downfall to rescue the rebellious woman he loves from insanity.  But, is her madness real?

• NAHUEL’S DREAMS (drama), Feature Film Screenplay.  Semi-finalist, Chesterfield Screenwriting Competition.
After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, a little boy escapes the military with his blind friend and his shaman grandfather while finding refuge in his uncanny dream world. 

• “TOXIC” - BREAKING BAD -spec (drama), from AMC TV series. 
Skyler’s baby daughter is kidnapped by El Escorpion Salamanca, (Tuco’s older brother), while she’s having sex at work with Ted, her boss. Walt comes to a violent confrontation with Jesse after learning Walter Jr. and friends were jailed for buying meth from Skinny Pete, Jesse’s close friend and dealer…all leading to a dramatic showdown at the White House.

• “WEEK 10: GINA –FRIDAY 7 PM” – IN TREATMENT-spec (drama), from HBO TV series. 

Paul, on the verge of a breakdown after a traumatic week ending in an MRI, comes apart when Kate shows unexpectedly interrupting his already tumultuous session with Gina.     

Currently Working On

•  AMNESIA (drama/ thriller).  Original TV pilot. 
•  THE ENVOY (drama).  Original TV pilot.           
•  THE PLAGUE OF LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS (drama) – Feature Film Screenplay.

Education/ Seminars
• TV Storywise Spec and Pilot Tele-Seminars, w/ Jen Grisanti                                                                                            March – June 2010
• TV Storywise Seminar-Gearing up for Staffing and Development Season, w/ Jen Grisanti                             Feb 2010
• TV Storywise Pitch and Pilot Seminar, w/ Jen Grisanti                                                                                                         July 2009
• M.F.A, Animation Program, UCLA                                                                                                                                                       1989-1991
• B.F.A, Film Directing, SUNY College at Purchase, NY                                                                                                              1983-1988
• Queens College, Liberal Arts Program, CUNY (Dean’s List).                                                                                                1982-1983

As Director   Experience - Directing
• 23 years as writer/director of short films, music videos, TV commercials and a Feature Film. 

Feature Films
• VOLVERTE A VER / “See You Again” , Romantic Comedy - Mexico SDB/BAZOOKA/S.D. FILMS/VIDEOCINE - Direction, Screenplay Adaption, Editing.   2008-9

Film Production Companies   (as TV Commercial/ Music Video Director)


TV Commercials/TV Promos - Director

• 100+ TV spots/TV promos for clients such as Paramount TV, McDonald’s, Chivas Regal, Volkswagen, Coca- Cola, 7-UP, Dr Pepper, Kimberley-Clark, Kellogg’s, HSBC, Procter and Gamble, Pepsi, Nestle, California Health Department, Samsung, Astra-Zeneca, Microsoft, Wal-Mart.  Ad Agencies: JWT, Teran TBWA, Leo Burnett, McCann, BBDO, DDB, Saatchi and Saatchi.  
Music Videos - Director/Writer/ Editor

• 180 Music Videos for Grammy Award Artists such as Shakira, Vanessa Williams, Johnny Cash, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan,
Julio Iglesias, Mana, Juanes, Crystal Waters, Academy- Award Winner Gustavo Santaolalla, etc

Music Labels:  Warner Brothers, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Virgin, EMI Group, Jive Rec., Atlantic Rec., Capitol Rec.,
Verve/Mercury, BMG, etc.  Tie-In Movie Soundtrack music videos:  Anastasia, Crazy/Beautiful, Zapata, Dance With Me.

Awards and Nominations

• Lifetime Achievement Award - Buenos Aires Music Video Festival                                                                                   2020
• Winner Premios Oye                                                                                                                                                                                      2010
• Winner Latin Grammy, Best Video of the Year                                                                                                                               2005
• Winner Premios Lo Nuestro Univision                                                                                                                                                2006, 2005, 2003, 1996
• Winner MTV Latin America, People’s Awards                                                                                                                                 2002
• Winner Billboard Latin Music Awards, Pop Video of The Year                                                                                               1997
• Nominated, Latin Grammy, MTV Latina, Best Video of The Year                                                                                         2006, 2003, 2002, 2001   

TV / Shows/ Press

• Interviews and Work shown in MTV, MTV3, MTV Latino, Mun2, HTV, Univision, Televisa, Telehit, MuchMusic, Channel 22 (Mexico).


. English, Spanish.


For writing samples, (treatments, screenplays, TV pilots, etc.) please drop me an email, note, etc. - press the CONTACT tab above. 
Thanks and much bliss.



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